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Our Services

RHBAS Ltd offers a wide range of bookkeeping services to serve a variety of businesses and clients. Whether you’re a small, local business or a larger corporation. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and what our team can do for you. A small list below shows some starter prices for regular services you may require.

Initial Consultation

All new clients are offered an initial free 45 consultation to understand how we can help. From here guidance can be provided as to what options of support the path forwards could take. 

Monthly Bookkeeping Fees:  

From £ 250 + per month. 
A fuller quote can be provided after an initial consultation as each business has its own bespoke requirements. 

Software Training:  Getting Started

From £ 200 per session. 
A training session of 3.5 hrs tailored to your needs to understand your accounts and potential how to administer them partially yourself. 

VAT Returns: RHBAS Ltd is registered as VAT Agent with HMRC. This allows Returns to be submitted on your behalf.  The payment of VAT is still the client responsibility to pay directly to HMRC. 
Monthly & Quarterly VAT Returns - Fee: £100 per return.

Personal Self Assessments / Tax Returns:

RHBAS Ltd is registered as Self Assessment Agent with HMRC. This allows Returns to be submitted on your behalf upon receipt of a signed declaration form from the client.  

The payment of personal Income Tax, National Insurance, Student Loan is still the clients responsibility to process and pay.  

Note: Deadline for Submissions and Receipt of Payment when filing Online is 31st January each yr unless otherwise directed by HMRC.  

A. Personal Self Assessment submission online on behalf of client without Bookkeeping Support:  From £150 +

B. Personal Self Assessment & Business Annual Report:  From £400 +

A check list will be provided to ask if you have any other areas of income which need to be declared. 

Services & Training: Services
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